Who Are We ?

Always exciting original ideas and passionate designs…
cebi; It carries its signature to living spaces since 1979 with the theme of passion and perfection that feeds its above-the-line, original and refined designs. Cebi, which combines the achievements of its long history in the sector with its deep experience with knowledge and expertise, has been achieving the difficult for years with its privileged quality and original design variety. It makes innovative touches to decorations with its original collections that represent design and style. With a unique perspective and a natural interpretation, Çebi designers accompany architectural philosophies with a harmony of proportion and balance. Believing that mediocrity can be broken with a design difference and a comfort-oriented setup, Cebi reveals its originality with its innovative collections with a wide selection.
Çebi, one of the leading companies in its field in Turkey, defines the sophisticated lifestyle with timeless bright designs in its stylish collections. In order to carry its products to the highest level possible, it continues its design and collection works uninterruptedly, taking into account functionality and ergonomics. It closely follows popular architectural approaches, interior design and furniture trends, and carries colors that reflect the spirit of the time into its designs and collections. In this way, it complements all modern and classical spaces in an “always exciting” way.
Inspired by the symbolic forms and symbols of the great civilizations that formed the common history of humanity, the Empire Collection, Joy Collection, which processes new materials with a young spirit and appeals to the dynamism of today, and Çebi designs with timeless lines are supported by architectural design trends and innovative approaches that change habits. Traditional and modern elements are harmoniously displayed in each product, which blends aesthetic accumulation and contemporary trends and achieves a stylish harmony. Rich, glamorous, calm, striking, bright and fun designs emphasizing the exclusivity of Çebi identity are in perfect harmony with all environmentally friendly and sustainable architectural concepts. Çebi does not offer “only design” to living spaces and projects. With the mastery of shaping, coating quality and durability, high surface quality and perfect surface smoothness, which are symbols of Cebi professionalism, Cebi carries its collections and products far beyond “just design”. From raw material selection to production processes, it uses renewable energies while maintaining environmental awareness. It carries out afforestation activities to reduce its carbon footprint in the world, with a sense of responsibility towards nature and future generations. Original designs, which are an integral part of furniture and life in the world of Cebi, inspire passion and inspiration for those who want more.